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Operative manager, Partner.

Humble and respectful attitude towards both customers and colleagues combined with a happy and positive personality typical for a Laplander.  A wealth of ideas guided by great attention to detail sometimes brings colleagues to their limits, but always for the benefit of the customer.
The ends justify the means, no?


Customer service and collaboration with people are the most important assets to success. These things give me the peps everyday.


Kaipionmäentie 9 E

T he busy city life or the wealth of services were definitely not part of my early childhood in Kemijärvi, Lapland. In my childhood in Rovaniemi, where my family moved, services were intensely affiliated with tourism and travelling. I was still too young and inexperienced to understand how brilliantly these banal everyday things had succeeded in attracting international attention, with regional and long-term co-operation over the industries. The pure nature was commonplace and it was not something unusual to see reindeers enjoying the sun in front of the library.

Working in the tourism field was an obvious choice for me. I got very familiar with the hospitality field since I ended up working for Restel Oy for nearly 13 years. Handling of big distances, expectations of different customers and the experience economy, all taught me great lessons that I will carry with me all my life – like my dialect that I have not lost despite of moving towards south.

When I moved to the Pirkanmaa region, I quickly noticed that customer segments and the purchasing behaviour of customers were totally different compared to the Northern Finland – partly due to digitalization. Moving to Restamax Oyj and becoming their sales manager was my next step. I was asked to develop and modernize the company’s sales and reservation system. After approximately two years, the operations had developed drastically. However, my hunger for new challenges brought me to a totally different business field.

In early 2017, I started to get familiar with the transportation service sector at Liuttu Logistics. I was again assigned to develop customer service operations and the know-how of the team on customer service. The legislative changes in early 2018 brought new opportunities for the sector. My ultimate motive is to bring up the importance of high-quality customer service in the process of building successful customer relationships and the strength of local and regional cooperation.

We all are good at something and the best result to the customer comes when people focus on their strengths and develop them even further. The genuine desire to help transportation service entrepreneurs is what motivates me in my work. The most important part is to bring service providers and customers together as smoothly as possible. PTS gives me the possibility to do this. Even professional athletes need a team in order to succeed – I think that the importance of teamwork can never be emphasized enough.

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