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Mikko Kivelä


Routine is not for me. I live passionately in the moment – and FOR the moments – while simultaneously planning the future and developing my business. I dare to try and explore different opportunities, because you can never know what tomorrow brings.


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from Toijala, currently living in Lempäälä. I mostly spend my free time with my energetic primary school aged daughter.
As a young boy, I used to spend all my days in the garage with my friends fixing bikes, motorcycles and cars. I have always enjoyed working with my hands because it is amazing to see your own creations. When in school, I used to value comfort over anything, which is why I was never the first in my class. After my double degree, I continued my studies in Tampere University of Applied Sciences where I majored in automation technology.

During my military service, I was trying to figure out a way to earn some extra cash on my days off. What I came up with was driving taxi. On weekends, I worked for multiple entrepreneurs but also actively shared my phone number to familiar customers in order to grow my own customer base. This is how my career as a taxi driver began.

In autumn 2003, my second year of studies at Tampere University of Applied Sciences began, but it really did not feel like my thing anymore, and I decided to apply for a taxi permit. I received my permit in October 2003, and in December of the same year I began my career as an entrepreneur – at 22 years of age.

From the very beginning, I had decided that I did not want to spend my days waiting for customers at the taxi pole. I wanted to do my work so well that customers would always come back to me! In 2007, I started to grow my business slowly but steadily, and today we serve customers with our six vehicles in the regions of Lempäälä and Valkeakoski. Today, our biggest asset is our local and high-quality customer service. This will be at the heart of our business in the future, too. As an entrepreneur, I welcome the new legislative changes because of the multiple opportunities they offer.

I have had the chance to work in many posts of responsibility in the sector. I have been a member of the board for Tampere Regional Taxi for 5 years and the president of Lempäälän taksiautoilijat Ry for 8 years now. I consider as my biggest achievement that I have managed to switch the traditional way of thinking to a more modern, customer-oriented approach among the Lempäälä taxi drivers.
There were no shortcuts on the way, but my strong will helped my to overcome obstacles. In the Lempäälä region, many people are very innovative that is what we really need to develop our businesses for the future.

The story of PTS Finland started when pondering what new operations the recent legislative changes could bring to the field. We brought together people with the same mind-set and so far, everything has gone as planned. I am more than happy to discuss my own ups and downs and I am always ready to help. I firmly believe that this is how both parties can win.




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“You don´t need a Crystal ball – begin by trying and you´ll soon find the outcome.”

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