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Seppo Mikkola


An honest guy from rural Finland who stands behind his words. As a flexible and frank person, I know how to laugh at my own mistakes and turn them into victories.


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Seppo Mikkola



ow that I have been an entrepreneur for 10 years, I can finally say that I have succeeded. Starting off as a young man from Kylmäkoski, over the years I have become a strong and trustworthy entrepreneur. I decided to follow the footsteps of my parents and went to study agriculture at Ahlman Institute as I wanted to take after my family’s farm.

After my studies I ended up as a farm relief worker. I pursued that job for 1,5 years while also driving the taxi. I wanted to invest in loose housing for dairy cattle, but my reason told me otherwise. Working in the taxi business required a much smaller investment and was not nearly as risky so I decided to pursue that idea instead. Today, farming is more of a hobby for me – in the future it will also be an additional source of income for my siblings and me.

My first experience as a taxi driver was in my godfather’s company as an apprentice. That taught me what working as a taxi driver really is like. After some years at my godfather’s service, I decided to get an official taxi permit for myself.

Trying my hardest and believing in my business has delivered results over the years. I have tried and experienced many things. During the first few years, I worked independently in Kylmäkoski while growing my customer base. After two years of hard work, I received my second permit and hired my first employee. My business kept growing steadily and last year, I invested in three more cars in Toijala. Currently my business consists of 7 different sized cars and 9 very motivated employees.

My aim is to offer my current and future customers high-quality, trustworthy and personal service every single day of the year – no matter the time of day. Especially in the countryside, we are needed now, tomorrow and in the future.

For years now, my close friend Mikko Kivelä and I have been pondering how to combine the strengths of our businesses. Both of us have a reliable brand in our respective fields, so we were looking for a solution that would benefit both of us. Joining PTS Finland with Mikko seemed like a great idea from the very beginning.

My strong opinion has always been that a company should have just one owner. Somehow, my current partners knew how to change my mind on that. After finding the right partners for my business, joining forces felt like a good idea. As a flexible person I realized that jumping out of your comfort zone was definitely worthwhile.



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“In the countryside, they need us today and tomorrow – and I have decided to be present.”

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