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Sirpa Tuominen


What matters to me the most are people’s wellbeing, tolerance and equal treatment. People are at the centre of service – this is the golden thread of business and this is what gives me strength and brings added value to my work. Teamwork, appreciating others and constructive dialogue and intelligent questioning are the factors that make working feel almost like leisure.


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Ihave worked in many different fields: from a handicapped person’s caretaker to the manager of a supermarket. These experiences have shaped me and my way of thinking. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and have been able to follow closely the consequences of changes in politics – both in good and bad.

I started driving taxi on weekends. It was my side job, and I kept it as for 5 years. I have worked as a regular taxi driver for 13 years now. My husband Ari guided me on to become an entrepreneur in 2013, and his advice has deemed to be more valuable than gold during these years. I was a member of the Tampere Regional Taxi’s board from 2014 to 2016. This gave me the opportunity to also take part in the training, tutoring and quality control activities concerning taxi drivers. I was the first female member of the board in the history of its existence.

When working in the board, I met Mikko Kivelä, now one of the company’s shareholders. From the very first exchange, I could tell that we shared the same positive view of the future. Mikko has been there to support me in my business and with his optimistic nature makes me believe in the future.

I am very keen on education science and psychology. This goes along with my work history but also because I firmly believe in the wellbeing of people, acceptance and equal treatment. What inspires me in this job are the encounters with people, their different stories and backgrounds. People are at the heart of service. Teamwork, appreciating others and healthy constructive dialogue and intelligent questioning are the factors that make working feel almost like leisure.

In transportation services, I have always wanted to offer high-quality customer service with a high-quality fleet. Until the recent changes in legislation, it was difficult to develop services due to strict regulations. Thanks to the market opening, I feel now that I have great possibilities to develop my services and my business while carefully listening to my customers.

I enjoy the Finnish nature, spending time with my grandchildren and riding my motorbike – it’s a great counterbalance. I enjoy discussing with people – and I know my customers are enjoying it as well – it is something that I want to keep up with.


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“Never assume anything. Questioning and making sure of facts is also a sign of respect.”

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