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We have put together a set of topics that we believe will help you in developing your business. When everyone inside the company is working towards a common goal, we have the key to success in our hands. All training topics are always tailor-made according to customers’ needs and may be combined to form a larger ensemble.

All our trainings are participatory and take into account every participant’s needs. We want to offer you a personalized experience and will therefore pick the most suitable professionals for your needs.



Happy, inspiring, a great listener – sometimes gets carried away a little too easily… In business, I believe in a problem-solving approach and people – nothing is impossible! I enjoy working with people, and a genuine service-oriented attitude is what matters to me the most.

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trainings to pick up from:

engaging your team

Engaging staff to common business practices and the company’s goals is vital for every entrepreneur in order to guarantee the quality and the profitability of the business. As an entrepreneur, how do I get my staff to engage more? Do I need to offer some special activities? We believe that the basics for commitment are an inspirational story, meaningfulness of the tasks, clear expectations, an encouraging work community and personal development.

THE TEAM´s role in customer service

We believe that we all have the desire and ability to serve customers in the best possible way. Changes in customer segments or in customer behaviour require us to stop and rethink about what customers really need and how I, in my own role, can fulfil and surpass the customers’ expectations.

giving & receiving feedback

The fastest way to develop a company is to develop its staff. Positive development is based on giving and receiving feedback that is incentive and encouraging. Giving and receiving feedback is not only management’s duty – in a developing work community is common duty to all.

customer experience - what it consists of and why is it so important

Customer experience is a competitive advantage that is difficult to copy. According to various studies, price will gradually play a smaller role in the purchase decision of a customer. What really matters is a customer experience that exceeds all expectations. A successful customer experience, compared to regular customer service, combines the functionality of the product with the quality of the experience. A positive customer experience is not only the duty of the customer service staff but everybody’s duty.

selling services - how to sell your services successfully in just 3 minutes

Companies often have a lot of unused selling power, if selling is considered as the duty of sales people alone. A successful sales pitch will help your business with marketing, enables additional sales, raises the interest of the customer and summarizes the company’s core message. When the sales pitch has not been trained well, we often speak empty words or end up telling irrelevant things to the customer.


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